Girls, if you like him will you continue the conversation or?

If you like a guy and you are having a text with him at night, would you ask if he wants to go bed first? I mean isn't this kind of question is as good as ending the conversation? Will you only ask him this question only when you find the text boring or you're not interested in him or you are interested in him?


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    I wouldn't ask him unless he's a friend. If I'm really interested I'll try to turn the conversation into my way means that he'll ask me something and I'll just answer "that's a story I have to tell you another day" and leave.

    I think most women will keep on the conversation too long. The art to have a good talk is to stop when it's best.

    • Thanks for the information but i kind of getting mixed feelings. Normally we texted each other for up to 2 hours and she will reply me within a second or a minute and we will be just happily texting each other and she would compliment me like"you're a nice guy" and she would text me than watching her drama shows and today is kind of shitty... She wasn't focusing on texting me and i can see that she is texting someone else but still she will reply me less than a minute and probably im just thinking too much because she didn't talk to someone else for long except for me. Today was the first time she said she kind of having some stuff to do and ask me whether if i want to go to bed first so i agreed because i didn't want to bother her. I don't know if she still likes me or she was just probably having some stuff to do.

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    • Sure will! Thanks :)

    • Hey, just to ask another question, i hope you could reply to this because it's important to me. Basically, today i asked her out for dinner after her work and i didn't have work today so she said yes and we had dinner together again. We talked a lot and after dinner we went to walk around at the airport and while i said something funny, she would like kind of giving me a gentle hit on my arms like multiple times like every after few mins. We would walk very closely today and while we walking i have this feeling to hold her hand but still i have not confirm if she likes me but i can feel that she wanted to hold my hand too because we were standing too close each other and our hands are just beside each other just that without touching. I'm planning to ask her out on date this Wednesday and for the first time, when we reached home, i texted her if she reached home too and she ask about me too and i feel like she's starting to concern about me and i wonder if she likes me?

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