So... This girl sent me a good text less than 30 min after our date but never replied. What should I DO?

So I took this girl on a drink date and less than 30 minutes after she texted me saying, "Thanks! I had fun tonight. It was nice meeting you." I took that as a good sign and an hour later I replied, "It was nice meeting you too. Maybe we can do it again next week?" It's almost been a week and she never replied. I think I should have waited longer to ask her to go out again to be more of a challenge. Should I send some sort of light text or just let it go?


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  • it won't hurt to send her a light text. it has been a week. I've read a message before thinking that I replied and then when I thought. "wow, they haven't replied in a while!" then I check and im like oh whoops I didn't reply. it wouldn't hurt to ask bc what's the worst thing that could happen? she won't reply or she will say no. then yuuo won't have to wonder anymore and can move on. Hope everything goes well for you! GOOD LUCK!

  • Just let go.
    And it's nothing to do with how 'fast' you responses her back. Even you waited few more days to reach her the result would have been the same.
    If the girl really enjoyed the date and liked you she would have said yes even you asked her out on the second date during the first. It seems like she's just not that into you and was just being nice sending you the thank you text.
    But if you still interested, you could send her a light text and take it from there. If she still doesn't reply to you you know it's time to let go.


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