Girls, what would you think of a guy who is 20 and still a virgin?

  • Something must be wrong with him
    4% (1)
  • Wouldn't think much of it
    67% (18)
  • It's better if he's a virgin
    29% (8)
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  • Girls, what would you think of a guy who is 20 and still a virgin?
    A. Something must be wrong with him

    I find most guys who are virgin aren't virgins by choice. That lack of choice seemingly often results in bitterness, resentment, misogyny, and/or anger towards gals.

    Plus seemingly a lot of bs views on gals ie 'girls like a holes that's why I can't get one' (he's so arrogant that there couldn't possibly be anything a gal wouldn't like about him so it just be because he's nice and gals want to be mistreated). There's seemingly a never ending entitlement to sex from thinking 'being nice to a gal means she owes him sex' to thinking 'the government should make a rape program forcing women to have sex with virgin men to help virgin men'.

    • Well I'm not bitter yet lol. I think I'm still a virgin cause I don't put myself out there as much even though I know I should. But I've been trying to improve myself physically so I can better my chances but I just wanted to know if being a virgin would have a negative affect on how girls viewed me.

    • Some gals will have a negative view. Some gals will have a positive view. Some gals will be indifferent.

What Girls Said 4

  • If you're doing it because of religion that's great I like that.

  • interesting !

  • As a virgin myself, I would love that because we both value our virginity and want to give it to someone special.

  • It doesn't matter to me if he is or isn't a virgin. Sex is all about caring about your partner's pleasure and being willing to learn what the other person likes. As long as we are both committed to that, it doesn't matter what his past is. We'll learn about each other's preferences together :)