I am very sad :( do I have a chance with this guy? How do I make him see me as more than a friend?

I had a crush on my friend's bro for 2 years or so. I thought he liked me at the begining, but there were no clear signals from either of us. I actually didn't like him at the begining, but thought he liked me, so I was trying to be cool and like his pics, messaged him few times general stuff. Just recently I gave him a note where I wrote something like this: "I think he is a really nice, sweet, funny guy, how I think we are sort of similar, and he is different from others. At the end I wrote I would like to know him better." Also, we are family friends. Anyway, he replied to me on fb, and I'm still in shock because I thought he would agree to get to know one another, he only has an idea of me, since I never hang out with him, only see him when I visit his fam and sis.

This was his reply (translated from my language):
"Anna*… see I assumed that you wrote what you did in the note. I think you are a very good girl, even more than that really, and you are a good friend, I wouldn’t want to ruin that. I believe we aren’t similar, I lead a very different life. Don’t be offended or angry, I think it’s for the best. Honestly, I’ve got nothing bad to say about you :)"

I think I always acted nice and friendly with him due to the fact we are family friends, plus I am shy a bit. I am nice looking and smart, like to joke. He is more outgoing though. I've heard and read stories about guys changing their opinion of girls. How do I do that? I've been crying so much, didn't eat almost anything. Do I ignore him or pay him more attention? Do I change my looks, try to become like him? Please, he seems perfect to me, I'll do anyhting if I just know he'll give me a chance to get to know me 100%. Thank you!


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  • There's nothing you can do. He doesn't want you so get over it


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  • I am sorry, but he doesn't sound interested in you. There is no way to make him change his mind.

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