Why don't White guys like me? (I'm a white female)?

I'm 25. White female, pretty boring looks not truly exceptional in any particular way. I've barely dated at all. The only guy I've ever dated wasn't white. He's great super sweet and incredibly kind. But I can't help but wonder why white guys have never shown any interest. Guys in general dont pay attention but why do black guys or other races show me more attention than white guys. I know it shouldn't matter, but it's always been a question in the back of my mind. I'm really just curious why white guys wouldn't want to fuck me but one black guy would? Just curious.


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  • because there are many guys out there who dont just want sex with a girl, we want love too. plus girls gotta start approaching the guy she wants, not wait around for guys to do everything, and when a girl does that and waits for the guy, she will usually end up with a player. plus you might seem like you only like black guys, and us white guys are told a lot that girls love the tall dark and handsome guys, and that "tall dark" saying fits the description of dark skinned guys, like black, and Latin and Mexican also.


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  • I am sure that there are plenty of white men who are attracted to you. You just haven't noticed them because you were probably paying attention only to very handsome men.

    • No I never get hit on wver. I've never been sexually harassed or anything ever. I think it's just guys in general only go after pussy that is prime or whatever. Thanks for the insight.

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