When she stops initiating contact?

As a man who wants to date a girl but not yet ready to ask her out (reasons unknown) you have been contacting her for a month at least 1-2 times a week and the girl initiates contact equally as much. Everything goes swimingly but what if she stops initiating contact all together but she does however respond back to you as usual. Would this make you wonder if she lost interest, found someone else, would this be the boost you need to ramp up your game, would this not change anything?


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  • Depends on the playing field. To turn up the heat we have to know she's playing hard to get, or maybe she has options, and it comes down to what type of guy he is.

    • Your response makes me curious. So you're saying that if he suspects she had other suitors, he will begin to pursue harder? What if he knows she likes him a lot but now she seemed to have slowed down her perceived interest in him. Would this make him try to push harder or have a whatever attitude?

      Also, how perceptive are you men to a woman seeming to slow down her interest in you?

    • Okay, so listen.

      Some guys don't like competing for the affection of a women, and some men thrive off of the chase. Slowing down on your affection towards him is probably discouraging him a bit. He probably realizes it, and don't want to come off desperate. It all comes down to the vibration between the two. If you slowed down, then he most likely notice the synergy is off.

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  • it sounds like to me she may be loosing interest because she is not sure you will follow through with being serious with her.. you may want to show her yo are serious before she looses interest all together.