Is it possible to be afraid of someone you're attracted too?

I have a crush on this guy but it doesn't feel like a crush. He lives in my apartment and a few doors away from my door. Everytime he passes by my door, I would get extremely nervous ( I have light curtains btw). Leaving m uhh house would be a challenge because I don't know when he's going to be outside. He used to see me around the apartment but I stop leaving my house, so it's been a long time since he've seen me. If he woukd be near me, I would panic and become really shaky. I only leave the house when I have to go to school which is really early ( dealing with social anxiety). Even though I have a crush on him, I think I might be afriad of him. He looks very intimidated.
What are your thoughts?

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  • A lot of times I feel like girls are scared of me :( it makes me sad cuz I'm big but I'm just a cuddly teddy bear!

    • Sometimes we're afraid of guys because we don't feel pretty enough and we're afriad of how they will look at us, well i'll just say me since I can't speak for every girl.

    • Yea I can understand that. But I don't think I'm attractive so they must just be scared of me lol.

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  • Yes not fear but nervous.

  • Break that fear and just go talk to him.

    • Impossible, I can't imagine looking into his eyes (never did). That would create an image in my head and it's scary. That's a challenge

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    • Please just grow up... If you continue like that, you will never reach nowhere with him. Are you expecting him to make the approach?

    • No and I don't think he's interested anyway but thanks for your honest opinion

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