She never confirmed plans but then replied back 5 days later asking if I was still coming. How would you handle THIS?

I made plans with this girl I've been seeing on Wednesday afternoon. She did not confirm/reply until today, Sunday afternoon five days later asking if I was still planning on coming over. I never replied to that and two hours later she sends me a "?". I like her but don't put up with that kind of crap. She usually replies fast. How would you handle this?

Nevermind, she was testing me.


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  • I find her Behavior rather Rude and Crude but perhaps she had her own Reason of the Season that you are Not telling Here, dear.
    Le it Go for now. As long as it's Not a habit, Silence is Golden but of course, if the Subject is Broached, Be... More to Talk about on Wednesday about This so-called "Test."
    Good luck. xx


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  • o man please stop reading to much into texts and chats. Usually they are not testing you it is just that they are busy and don't have time to get back so quickly.