Has anyone dated using Tinder?

So I recently have considered meeting people online and I was wondering if anyone could share experiences they have had using Tinder. ☺


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  • I just started 2 weeks ago. I put on my profile 'looking to date... im too old (fashioned) for this hookup malarky'.
    Some guys clearly don't read it though. I asked one guy for a coffee and he was like 'a coffee and then what ;) ;)' and I was like 'well I'm only looking to date so... a coffee and a hobnob buiscuit?' Never heard back haha.

    I went on a date with one guy and he was really nice and respectful but lives too far away so doubt that's going anywhere.

    Then I went on a date with another guy which was fine but in response to a joke about something he goes 'nah I have a small penis' and I just thought-'way to ruin a date'.

    I had two other date offers that I cancelled/postponed because I'm not actually that keen on them. Sometimes tinder doesn't show you all the photos until you've both liked each other. Then when you get more angles you realise he has a squint nose or something xD

    Also, there's a lot of guys just seem to want to chat. Like you'll say 'lets grab a coffee when you're free' and they will be like 'sure' but it never gets arranged... but they still keep messaging you every day and u just think-pft timewaster.

    I think all you can do is give it a try and just be firm with whatever it is that you want.

    I have one date coming up and I literally just said to him about how everyone just seems to want to chat and he was like 'id meet you in a heartbeat' so we'll see how that goes.

    So yeah, plenty of opportunity but some of it comes to nothing and a lot of men only after one thing no matter what you say probably.

    • Thanks! I started using it yesterday and I already see what you mean hahah. One of them just wanted to talk and it didn't seem to really go anywhere. This one guy says he is going to message me tomorrow on when he can meet so we'll see where that goes lol.

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    • eww. I've been talking to a guy on it since it started and he's just been banter ( I suggested he meet me but figured he was just a time waster but he's actually good chat so he's the only one I've continued to talk to just for talking sake) ... but he messaged me this morning with 'hey if I was your lodger would u give me oral?' ugh pig. Guess it could've been one of his pals but... u never know.

    • follow me if ya like and we can keep in touch about our dating disasters via message xD

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  • Some people have, in fact I know a happy couple that met on Tinder. You're a girl so Tinder will be OK for you IF (and that's a big if, especially at your age) you have a good douchebag/player radar and can handle the occasional unsolicited dick pick.


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  • Tinder? I do not recommend using this app as it is solely based on 'face value'. Friends who have used this app comment on the repulsive messages they have received and the majority of men/women just looking to 'hook up.'
    Sure, Tinder is great for a laugh... to swipe through profile pictures with the luxury of dismissing anyone you find unattractive just with a swipe of your finger and the thrill of conversing with 'highly attractive' men.
    If you are serious about wanting to socialise and date people online I suggest using competent sites such as Match. Com.

    • Sure, if you only swipe right on the most attractive men you're bound to constantly run into guys who use Tinder for casual sex and know how to get it from you even if you want something serious. That's not inherently a Tinder problem though, you'd get the exact same result on any dating site or even in a bar/club.

    • @JohnDoe3000 Yes, you're right. This is the predominant reason I personally do not use apps/sites for dating. Today's culture seems to revolve around "aesthetics" more-so than ever that's why I feel so negatively towards the concept behind Tinder.

    • Thank you! I was not really sure how it works haha.

  • Yeah I've dated guys from tinder. Bumble is better tho

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