Is it weird that I need to have feelings before I have physical attraction?

Okay, maybe attraction is the wrong word because I'll see guys that look nice, but I know some girls are ready to have hot guys in their beds. I couldn't do that. I was talking to someone the other day who said that you can't love someone unless you have sex... but for me, I need to have feelings before I have any type of intimacy.

I normally dont like people in my personal space, but once I fell in love, I actually wanted to be close to my guy. I don't like full body contact hugs but I wanted it with him... I loved when he pressed his thigh against mine and stuff. I want him now in a sexual way but because I love him and I want to be as close as possible and of course I think he's hot... but I didn't think about sleeping with him until after I fell in love.

Is it weird that I need to be in love before I want to do anything with a guy? Or is it normal to think that you can't love someone unless you see if you're physically and emotionally compatible? I don't know, I think you can be physically compatible if you love each other enough, but maybe I'm wrong


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  • I think that you should have feelings before sex. Sex is way overrated in society today. Not long ago, abstinence from sex until marriage was largely spread and people still fell in love and were happy with each other. So no, it's not weird.

  • No you are not wrong you are just being you.
    There's nothing wrong with your preference/dating style.

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