Should I talk To Him After This?

Rob and I are friends he told me he liked me but I had a boyfriend at the time so nothing happened so we continued being friends. After my boyfriend and I broke up we started hanging out more and we kissed and he told me he wanted to be with me BUT he’s a Christian and wants to date a woman of god. I told him I was willing to go to church after he invited me. Things were going well we talked everyday, hangout all the time.

Then it got bad. He asked me if I was talking to other guys I said yes and he got mad. I’m single so is he, its going to happen. Then I told him I was going to Miami for Halloween as a bunny and he got mad at that saying” if you like me? Why are you going to clubs and dancing with other guys?” I said you knew I was going for weeks now and NOW you have something to say. He said Im not your Boyfriends so that not my place, you should keep your options open” I said OK.

Then I found out from a girl at work that he said “I told kim (me) it was not going to work and that me and kim (me) are just friends” I asked him about it and he said That was before we had our talk.” We did have a talk 4 days ago about where this is going he said “I like you , and I want to be with you” I told him we should be friends because I didn't like the fact that he told her OUR business.

I see him today he doenst say hi or anything.. whats up


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  • You basically told him that you don't want to be him. You hurt him. It's only natural for him to avoid you, at least for a little while.


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  • I wouldn't waste time on him.


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