Online dating experience?

I've been trying online dating for a few weeks but it's so hard to read guys on there. I have yet to actually meet up with anyone in person yet. 90% of the guys act like they want to get to know me then either send dick pics (ew) or talk about sex right away. One or two won't bring up anything sexual and actually talk about interests and what we have in common. But they never really seem like they want to meet up. Thinking I should just stick to meeting people in person lol. Any advice for a newbie?


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  • Stick to meeting in person. I've done on line dating personally and was very successful , although you just got to make it quickly work for you or it just won't.


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  • Im on online dating too but I rarely get messages from inappropriate or horny guys though.
    Does your profile has pictures of you in revealing clothes? Maybe your profile giving them a wrong impression?
    And if you're on tinder tinder is the app major for hook up so it could be that..
    And decent guys who talk to you yet not so excited about meeting up could mean that they already seeing someone now but just string you along just in case things don't work out with her.


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  • What site/app are you using?

    • Plenty of fish

    • I hear that there are lots of weirdos on it. I think meeting people in person is best, but if you want to augment that try a different site. Match, e-harmony, and Christian Mingle are the ones I have heard good reviews, from people IRL, and actually know people IRL who met husbands and wives on those sites. Yes you have to pay, but sometimes paying is worth it. I mean meeting someone in person just isn't as easy as other people make it out to be. A lot of people myself included have trouble with that.

    • Good to know, thank you!

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  • i tried it a few year ago and decided - real life FTW!
    haven't gone back since
    if i were to do it again, it would just be for entertainment purposes
    but if you're still up to it, maybe edit your profile or try different sites

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