I want to understand why?

I'm just really confused. Been going out with this guy. 4 amazing dates in 2wks. He didn't really text me in the beginning but then he started to towards the end, which was awesome. He had planned a date and I was excited, but the day of never even mentioned it, he text me later that night and told me he was doing some stuff then sent me a video of him at a bar. (wtf) I was confused but just left it alone as that night he said we were going to Vegas on Saturday. The day before I asked him about it and he said it sure sounded fun and if I could go again (wtf) I said yes. He never responded, until afternoon with a text that just told me how challenging his new job already was (wtf) I get it if you can't go out or do things, but why not just say that. Why keep making dates and not even following through or following up with the other person. Anyways I just text him this yesterday "hey I think we are getting are signals crossed, and I'm getting really confused." He hasn't responded back. I'm doing my own thing again. It just super sucks because I finally found someone who gets me on all levels of life and now it's over. I just don't know why he vanished just like that. Guys do you do this?


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  • I don't do this. Nice guys don't do this. They call as early as possible if they can't do what they promised. Sorry, your guy is horribly inconsiderate and I don't think he was really that into you. Anyway your relationship with him is already causing you stress. Forget him.

    • That's what I don't get tho. Why, if not interested, just drop it, and not give the other person hope. I even asked him on the 4th date about how forward he was as an individual when it came to what he wanted. So I told him to tell me at any point if he lost interest or whatever to tell me, no harm no foul. I just don't want to waste my time nor his. So why with that still be like that?

    • See "inconsiderate" -- he just doesn't care about your time or feelings.

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  • I think it sounds like he's getting you confused with someone else

    • What do u mean?

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    • But even in that case, why hasn't he text me back? Like wouldn't he still want to keep me on the chain too? Or is he over it?

    • If he's seeing someone else why would you care? Do you want to be the runner up? Have some self respect woman