Would you go back to an ex if time passed and you saw a tremendous improvement?

Say you guys broke up on somewhat good terms.

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  • Ugh I don't know. Probably not. I can only take my most recent ex as an example because I'm not 100% over him yet. I think I would think about it but wouldn't take him back in the end. He was the one who broke it off because he was messed up and he fell out of love with me. He was in a dark place and good for nothing, and he was well aware of that. But I loved him anyways. If he wanted us to try again I would always have the fear of him leaving me again when life gets complicated, I would be very paranoid and unsafe. And the memory of him just leaving like that and breaking my heart would strike me over every time I would be intimate with him again. Not to mention how much I would hate myself if he really did leave again. Even if I wanted to go back to him I think that the damage that was done would ruin us slowly, I think I would be the one leaving in the end. It's unavoidable. If he didn't want me in his worst, then he surely isn't reliable to be with in his best, because "worst" can appear at any time again.

    • But when I get 100% over him, then the answer will be "no", without thinking twice. I can't go back to someone I got over. It means I don't like them and that I'm not attracted to anymore, and once that's gone it can never appear again.

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    • It's not gonna happen, just move on. This kind of relationship is doomed to fail, sorry. It's useless thinking about getting back together if you were the one who was dumped. Especially more then once. You did nothing wrong, so there's no amount of improvement that will make her want you again. In fact I think she never was into you that much in the first place. 9 months with few breakups is nothing but a simple dating, nothing serious. My guess is that to her you were one of those "good guys" who she wanted to try with in order to maybe fall in love. I had few of those as well. I meet a guy and I know he is "perfect" and I give my all to give us a chance, forcing myself to fall for him because I would be an idiot not to be with him... but it just never happens. Then I feel really guilty and sad and I hate myself. If she was crazy about you she would never breakup, TRUST ME. So stop humiliating yourself and forget about this person who will never love you 100%.

    • She hanged out with you out of flattery and ego-food, she knows you want her and that feels good for awhile, it gives sense of security. But it doesn't last long. The lack of real emotions ruins it. If you go back to her prepare to get dumped again.

      It really pisses me off how some people (including you) are ready to fall so low and kill their own worth for someone who doesn't value them at all. If that girl valued you at least a bit she would NEVER go back with you with such a half-hearted resolve. She has no respect for you.

  • So I'm not the most knowledgeable when it comes to love. But I can say that I would most likely not revisit an old relationship even if they did change drastically. I just feel like I should move away from that. Still keep in touch but I feel like I'de want to learn from that person, respect that person, but just go off and roll with the rest. But there's always a posibility. My heart is either all in or all out. So if I already kind of was trying to bounce my heart back from that first relationship, I think it would take a lot to put my heart back into the same ring again.


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