What are the best ways to get a girls attention, romantically?

I'm an introvert and can't flirt at at all. There's a girl that I like that's in all my classes and I want to gain her interest. How do I do it?


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  • eavesdropping helps (LOL THAT'S WHAT I DO). if she sits near you and you hear her mention something that you also have an interest in, you can make small comments about it. don't force your way into conversations though, some girls don't like that (find it awkward), etc.
    if you have her contact on social media (facebook, snapchat, whatever), you can message her like "hey there do you know what the homework for [insert class here] was?" and then make small talk with her online (try to keep the conversation going afterwards but don't make it seem forced or too personal). it's a pretty effective way to get her to notice you lol
    as for the romance part, i have no idea (because im an awkward hecking potato). try to find out her interests and hobbies, compliment her once in a while (BUT NOT IN A CREEPY WAY LIKE "YOU SMELL NICE *INHALES*"). like if she changes her hairstyle or something, or compare test scores idkkkk

    good luck my dude


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  • Just low key get some singles and throw them at her

  • Notice something about her that no one else does... not a simple your hott, pretty gorgeous, beautiful but something that makes her feel special and seen. like if you noticed something she does when nervous. It can be simple.


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  • you poor feminist