Why do women date inconsiderate and guys? Guys that just give them trouble or who won't take time to understand who and how the woman actually is?

Then the girl calls up their best guy friend to fume about the boyfriend and speak behind his back?

Why do you do stupid things?


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  • I don't have a boyfriend, and I don't have guy friends.

    Why do guys want girls that act this way?

    • I don't know, I think that the bus don't know, not until the girlfriend gets so angry that she blasts and yells at him. I don't know why she likes him at all. She has complained to me about him so many times.

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  • 😭 is someone butt hurt?

    • I like her, but she's a friend. And she always seems to be with someone that isn't really a good guy or just drives her into anger

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    • She knows I like her, but she has said we are just friends. She did kind of cozy up to me over the past year and that was after her saying we're just friends. So I just played it as she wanted it, if she's going to play games, I'm not participating. Be real and be honest

    • Give her an ultimatum, give you a chance or you'll never see her again. If she knows how you feel and doesn't care then she's a total b, but not unique in this society.

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  • Because sexual attraction trumps those feelings and other nonsense.

    The first option makes a girl wet. The second option makes a girl bored.

    Haha "trumps"... oh the irony

  • You know how guys are attracted to looks.. Well apparently girls are crazy and are attracted to guys like this.

    Wait I got it.. It must all be about sex!! Lol

    • Why the hell would they fuck a guy they are pissed at lol, stupid lol haha doing themselves in

    • Because bro.. They are crazy, and want that crazy make up sex.. Guy A) knows how to f&&$ her..

    • It's really not all that complicated..