Is it bad when I feel I can take them if I really wanted to?

Is it bad I fell I can take them if I really wanted

Ok so when I'm at work I have a lot of women that come in that have boyfriends already but I notice how they check me out. And a new girl that's a cashier started doing this to me as well she has a boyfriend and I always catch her checking me out



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  • To complement Jxpxtxr answer, even if they check you out (and that's incredibly common around people, marrried or not) and actually want to make out with you.

    • Don't mean they wish to do it with you.

    • All I'm saying dude is these guys that come in store really get their feelings hurt when I show them up in front of their girls she's grinning away while he's getting pissed it just happen yesterday

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  • There's a difference in "checking someone out" and simply looking at you because they notice you staring lol. Just saying.

    • Dude all these women check me out. I catch them they are not exactly good at hiding it

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    • It's why these guys are getting mad I had one get his feelings hurt yesterday cause I showed him up in front of his girl

    • Like I'm almost sure that if she wanted to be with a women she would be a lesbian and probably could find a good looking one

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