Is age really just a number?

  • Only small age differences are okay when dating.
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  • Large age differences are a problem no matter what.
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  • Age only matters if both or one person is a minor.
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  • Any age gap, even if one is way younger than the other (possible minor), isn't a big deal.
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  • Ya and jail is just a place. Age does matter when it's a minor.


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  • I honestly never understood that whole age is just a number phrase, becuase age does matter in some instances. I'm 30 years old. Wouldn't people have a problem with me dating somebody who is 15 (not that I would ever since I'm attracted to people one to three years older than me). The kid is not even fully developed, mature, and could easily be manipulated and taken advantaged of.

    I say the point where it kind of does NOT matter is the moment where both are adults. So, if a 20 year old wants to date somebody who is 50, so be it. The thing to consider though is that the two people are on totally different life experiences and stages. The 20 year old could be full of energy and into certain things, whereas the 50 year old just want to settle down, take it easy, and may have old fashion views than the person he/she is dating.

    18 years is considered an adult by the state, and in this case, who really knows if at this age they are mature and know what they want. But it's up to them.


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  • It's not just a number.

    "hi, I met this girl two weeks ago. We were to celebrate my fifteenth birthday, but she died of old age. She was 81"

  • when it comes to crime/law/politics/relationships it's not just a number. When it comes as a self image so it's about how to act as my age.

  • Yeah means havkb


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What Girls Said 4

  • Nope, it's definitely not just a number. Only people who say this don't really think a lot about anything - they just dive in head first and usually get their skulls broken...
    Or they're people with their own agendas which benefit only them.

  • Moderate age difference is ok, but not large difference, more than two decades is usually too much for a harmonic relationship.

  • I don't care about age difference. In fact, I prefer an older man.

  • Can a 14 year old female and a 19 year old male date?

    • It's illegal unless they were together before 19 year old turned 18 (Romeo and Juliet law.) I honestly think it's a little strange to have that 5 year difference at such a young age. Personally, I'm really into this 18 year old guy and I'm almost 16. I think my situation is okay because it's a little over 2 years but it would be illegal for me to be with him because we weren't together before he turned 18. So yes it is morally okay and accepted but legally it is wrong and the 19 year old can go to jail for a long time and be labeled a Pedophile for the rest of his life. Are you talking about yourself in this situation or are you just curious for someone else?

    • Nah, I was just stating an example