Could this work out?

Everything was going so great. He was the one to pursue me. We talked about exes and he told me he was over his. But they did break up only 3 months before then. We were inseparable for a few days. But then when we met up for dinner one night after spending the whole morning together with friends, things seemed off. He was standoffish and different.. he told me he was trying not to kiss me and that he was still not over his ex, which came out of nowhere! Ever since then we didn't really talk that much. I’ve been trying to move on. Until a few nights ago he showed up to the bar. I was cordial with him but didn’t pay much attention to him. But he couldn’t keep away from me. He kept coming over to me and talking to me and being flirty. He followed me around all night. He told me he wanted to spend Time with me the next day as well. At the end of the night he tried to walk me home but I refused.. I do like him and spending time with him. But he clearly doesn't know what he wants and Im not going to be a rebound. We have mutual friends so were going to see eachother. And when he does this stuff like flirt with me it gets confusing. What do I say to him? Could this work out between us some day? His ex lives in another country and we both live in the states currently fir work. he's been here for a year now. Do I stay friends with him now? I just keep turning down all his advances (him trying to kiss me) and he still tries. I've been giving him space and trying to move on. he's a good guy and we have a great connection uhhhhh timing. I get how he feels it took me months to get over my ex, that was also just 4-5 months ago.


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  • Nope it won't