A friend and I went to a pumpkin patch today, I said I don't want to go home, and she said "I'd invite you over for Thanksgiving" with her family"?

Why would she just say that out of the blue? I didn't go, I said I wasn't prepared or dressed to go even if I felt very welcome or invited. Does she like me more than a friend?


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  • who the hell has Thanksgiving in the middle of october? Anyways, this is confusing the hell out of me, but no I wouldn't think that someone likes you just because they invited you over for Thanksgiving. I personally wouldn't even want to unless I've been dating a girl for several months. Its a big deal going to meet her entire damn family. It sounds like way more of a friend situation.

    • Canadians celebrate Thanksgiving in October, and it is a much better time of year. Leaves are turning different colours, it's not too close to Christmas, can be warm still, pumpkins are grown, squash and similar vegetables are growing. Feels way better to have it at this time of year.

    • Oh I didn't realize you were in Canada my bad. Yeah still though I still feel like the bring you over to meet her entire family is way more of friend gesture than a romantic one.

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