How can I get over my character being poisoned by manipulative women?

I've stopped flirting back, and stopped being charming and nice and sincere with women... because I just got sick of being manipulated too many times. It seems like a lot of women are self centered and manipulative, and they don't realize that their poison hurts women as a whole. How can I get over my apathy and indifference when it comes to connecting with women?


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  • Stop focusing on the hoes.

    • I've stopped focusing on women, period

    • Yeah I know, I was answering your question.

      Look a question like this is kinda difficult to answer without knowing what women did to you personally, so the only bit of advice I can really give is just realise women are generally big retards and it's better to accept that, rather than hate them for it.

      Is that mean to women? Well, of course it is, but at least through this type of methodology you won't HATE them, anymore.

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