We don't talk anymore but should I text him about this?

I dated this guy for a bit, he strung me a long for months and things ended when he said he's not ready to date and wants to be good friends. During those months, he made rude and insensitive comments sometimes. We were friends before we dated so I wouldn't mind being friends with him but I said no for a number of reasons.

We haven't really spoken for 2 months. We barely say Hi to each other. Today, a friend invited me to lunch with a few people and he was one of them. He mentioned that he was going to start therapy tomorrow. I remember him telling me about things he was struggling with (the reason he wasn't ready to date) and his emotional detachment issues. Even though I feel really hurt by him, I still care about him lot and was thinking of texting him about it. Just something encouraging and supportive.

I just don't know if that's a good idea or how he'll take it. Also, if I do text him, not sure what exactly I would say.


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  • Nooooooooo. You need to leave him alone. He made it clear to you he didn't want anything more with you and you need to stop pushing him.