Im dating this guy and he's been acting weird what should I do?

So i have this boyfriend and he's been all chill and stuff until now when he started acting weird. He looks sad and all loke depressed almost. He sort of ignored me today so i just gave him some space. What should i do? Should i ask whats wrong? Should i give him space? Should i let him just come to me? Guys if you have ever done this to a girl please tell comment.


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  • If the relationship is new, he probably doesn't know exactly how to handle the new thing of "omg, I have a girlfriend now, what do I do?"

    If it's not a new relationship (and even if it is), he may legitimately be depressed. the seasons are changing, maybe a little bit of seasonal affective disorder?

    If you care about him and want to try to help him, ask :)

    I have been working on severe depression and anxiety for two years now. I hate to say it but it did cost me relationships.

    Realize, your job isn't to make him happy. You can't cure him because you're not a doctor or a miracle worker. Don't expect to cure him, that's too much pressure on you. Your only job is to take care of you and make sure you're perfectly healthy. He is his own responsibility. If he's sad, and you can live with that, cool, you're stronger than most girls. If you are always feeling bad that he is sad, then break up, it will hurt, but it will save you a lot of heart break in the long run.

    But that being said, you can encourage him to take healthy steps. Encourage him to talk about feelings, go to counselors, and don't judge him for him being honest about his feelings. Having a girl ask about my feelings for me is like a huge attractor because I know she cares.

    This is classic:

    How are you?


    Really? You promise you're okay?

    I am going to say this now, and this is super important. If he starts trying to hurt you or he says mean things when he is depressed, or he lashes out, break up and run. And do not go back. It hurts to turn your back on someone you love, I know :/ but you are looking out for you and that situation ALWAYS turns out bad.

    If you think he is suicidal, get help, call someone, 911 or his family.

    Never be afraid to approach your boyfriend. You got to talk about feelings at some point, right?


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  • If I were you I would ask him what's wrong if he doesn't say anything give him space. He might have a problem at home or he might be upset about something but that depends on how well you know him. And if he still ignores u after u have asked how he feels then wait for him to come to u. Good luck.

  • Time to break up with him.