Y is my girlfriend being a asshole a lot of the time but then apologizes to me after words?

Ok me and my fieannce we been together for almost 2 years an she can be a rsal sweetheart sometimes but a royal bitch to a lot an sh gets mad at me a lot over stupid s**t an then she will tell me that i love her an i do love her to death she means everythimg to me an she says if u didn't want to be with me then y lie to her an i haven't ever even said that she accuses me of cheating on her a lot an i haven't but she has i seen that for my own eyes 2 times a the 3th time i seen it she tried to lie to me an said she didn't that she loves more than anything an she gots two facebooks an she won't let me on it or around her whe she's on the 2nd one but i gave her my password an stuff to it so she gets on it


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  • She doesn't sound secure with herself and she's taking it out in you. You do not want to marry someone like that, if she's a bitch now she'll be an even bigger one later on in life. I know you love her and all, but when you love something it's okay to set them free. You're young you can and will find someone new.

    • Ok see me an her got into a argument earlier an she said i know im a bitch to u an im always bitching u out but i love u an dont want to lose u an she said she wants me to help her quit being a bitch an she starting balling her eyes out cuz i told her i have had enough of the bullshit an she said please dont leave me which im always nice to her always when she gets mad i always walk off an there's nobody that will help me or even talk to me

    • I still very much think you shouldn't be in a relationship like that. You're putting yourself down as she walks all over you. If you aren't truly truly all the way happy... then what's the point?

  • Maybe you should address the problem to your fiance.

    • What do u suggest i say to her she's got my head all messed up i dont really know what to say to her she said she wants me to help her quit being a bitch

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