Should I leave her or accept what she's saying?

I know this girl (17 years old and i'm 22) on a chatroom we have been talking for 7 month now (only online) she say she love me and i say i love her on many occasion, we have said so many things to each other that even a nun would blush. So yesterday she told me that she wanted to meet a real boyfriend and me a real girlfriend when the moment showed up (knowing that we both have never dated someone before ever and well still virgins) to have the real feel that me and her we are just talk and may never meet face to face. We would be with another person while being together online and maybe sometimes if we meet it would be fate that would got us together. So my question is what should i do?


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  • You love someone who you have never met? Do you know how that sounds to people who have experienced real relationships?

    How far apart do you two live?

    • Yep i like people personalities it's rare that i care about looks (we have send each others some photos of us). Let me guess risible, dumb, pathetic, etc... yeah i know usually i just went there when i was bored or to pass time but there was something with her that attracted me to her. And we live approximately 9744 km to each other.

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    • You did it to yourself so you are capable of undoing it.

    • I know that but well i'm a dreamer it's hard to change and no she was the one that said that we should look for real partners and have a feel of the real thing as she has never dated someone before and keep them as company till we meet each other in real.

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  • When she's 18, meet her.

    • So that i can play pool with her?