Is it possible to keep our friendship?

Long story short, my best guy friend (who I have feelings for) and I slept together this last summer. He moved away to Philly, and we are still in contact almost every day. I went to see him a few weeks ago, and we slept together there. However, I heard he was hooking up with other people. So there I got my answer, we were FWBs. Which, in the long run might be okay with me, but I need some time to get over my feelings.
However, just recently he told me that it wasn't a good idea for me to come up again for a while. He thought that my feelings for him were still clearly obvious, and that I was viewing the sex we were having as much more than it was. He said he was worried we viewed the friendship differently.
Right now, I don't even care about any stupid feelings I had or the sex. I want to make sure I keep my best friend. Do you think this is possible?
We are still talking, very often. I just don't want him to feel obligated to talk to me after this, or because he feels bad. He is coming home for Thanksgiving, and we are planning on seeing each other then.


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  • Adding sex to a friendship changes it in a way that is irreversible. You have feelings for him. Can you really imagine listening to him talking to you about his new girlfriend is so hot and he really loves the way she goes down on him?


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  • I think it's possible but not probable. When two people have sex, the nature of their relationship changes.

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