Is it weird that I want him to reject me?

I have a crush on a guy. For a few weeks he was really into me and I liked it, and then now he's just become super distant. I think he likes his female friend. They've been friends for a while but I didn't think much of it cause he was still flirting with me heavily while he was friends with me. Out of the blue he just stopped texting me and talking to me the way he used to about a week ago. I caught feelings though and now I like him. So I'm not hoping for a relationship or anything cause I think I lost my chance, but I wanna tell him how I feel so he can just reject me so I can move on. I'm like 99.99% sure he doesn't like me so I just need him to crush that last 0.01%


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  • I know the feeling. I fell for someone, I love her, but we're both students and our lives, our career goals are so different. She's in a university in another city. I want to move on, I want her to tell me She feels nothing for me so I can just move on knowing there was nothing between us.

    • What do I say though?

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    • Should I tell him right now, wait for tomorrow for out day off?

    • Tell him exactly how you feel. Don't beat around the bush or drop hints. Do it as soon as you're able to, in person if possible.

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  • Its not weird at all, I don't waste my time or feelings on people who do not show any interest back to me.

    • I just don't know how to tell him. I was thinking of waiting til Thursday when we have school and then telling him, or just texting him on our day off of school so he has time to think but I don't know what to say.

    • Don't say anything yo him, treat him the same way he is treating you. If you tell him you are rejecting him you will come across as desperate and as someone seeking attention. If a guy was ignoring me I never told them I was rejecting them, I just delete their number and I never contact them again.

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