Is she shy or avoiding me?

She always looks at me and I try to make her feel comfortable so I tell her hi. At other times I'll make a small chit chat with her.

she is very social with everyone but with me she is very quite. The only time she is talkative to me is when she is with a group of friends together.

sometimes when I catch her looking at me , she just has a blank stare. I would wave back and say hi, and her face is blank.

I even sent her her a message on Instagram and we wrote each other back, a week later she deleted the messages she sent me , even though I saw them? They were nothing bad , it was general questions.

I want to ask her out but but I still think she is not comfortable around me?

Or is this all in my head?


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  • She most likely wants you to make the initiative

    • Most of the time she is with a friend and I don't see her alone. When I do I talk to her but she seems very shy

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    • I think she knows that I know she likes me. I can just tell by her eyes she likes me but it is like she is trying her best not to show it lol

    • That's sweet :) yeah just get familiar with her and get to know her more so she feels like she can trust you and be herself around you :) maybe ask her out eventually or to meet up and study or something

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  • it means: if a girl acts that way with a guy it means she wants him to take the hint to leave her alone.
    if a girl liked you she would be doing the opposite and be with you and talk a lot.

    • The other day she came and sat by me with a mutual friend. We were joking around, and had a fun time. The next day she just walks past me as if I didn't exist?

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    • No I don't think she likes my friend. She told him to sit on my table. He told me but I don't know why she is avoiding me at times. I always see her staring at me from
      Far away

    • just let her stare, until she decides on what she wants. just ignore her.

  • Get to know her a bit better first