I have a terrible dating anxiety, please help?

I started therapy recently but I also wanted to ask you guys. I am a 21 years old student. I am attractive and in my free time I am a model ( amateur of course) The thing is recently I had my first kiss ( almost 21 years old!!!) I feel ashamed. Of course I am a virgin too. As I said I am attractive, but every time a guy asks me out I refuse. I feel a strange fear out of nowhere and I feel like I wanna run. I go to my room and start crying like it is the worst thing that could happen to me ( a guys asked me out). I dated one single guy for a very short period of time and he left me because I did not give him sex at our third date. Since then I am even more anxious. I dont like nightclub either. I go out with my friends and I always hope a guy I find attractive will come along but when it happens, I reject him. I cry almost all the time because I feel so stupid and hopeless


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  • it seems to me you have several type of thinking errors. I suffered from shyness as well. I'm working on it daily and I find it it's got a lot better. look up common thinking errors. like Overestimate treat and danger, jumping to conclusions, tunnel vision. nearsightedness, emotional reasoning and all or nothing thinking.
    it's something that you have to write out your thoughts. while yoou experence them Thoughts can become feelings. untill you want to go home then you can't sleep. There are certain people that are dangerous but almost 98 % people are good people.
    you are brave cause you do modeling. be brave enough to intellectualize your thoughts. cheers.


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  • You need to face your fear and start giving chances to people.


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  • perhaps if you start approaching the guys you actually want, will help with the problem.

  • You need to find the root of the problem is it because you feel strange with guys?

    • with new guys, yes. But I do have a few guy friends and a year ago, my best friend was a guy

    • Maybe he can help you figure out why

    • Can he maybe introduce you to guys so it won't be so awkward

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