Does he like me? Please help? am I overthinking? and what did he mean when he said?

so I've been talking to this guy for two weeks now, his name is Ian. we are both in early 20s. We went for a walk together and to a baseball game. We walked around and his friend was with him who he really doesn't "care" for so much. He asked me to go with him. We went and I would look at him and he would look at me and catch me looking but I wouldn't look away. He would try not to smile but he would and it was really cute! His friend met up with his parents and we went for a walk. He offered to buy me a drink and something to eat and he bought my ticket into the game. On our way back we had to cross traffic and he grabbed my hand and held it and continued to. we walked around and left a little before the baseball game ended. later on we went for another walk and we stopped and he turned me towards him and kissed my forehead then put his forehead against mine then kissed me. we kissed for a while. and he then hugged me for 5 minutes. We went on another date and we went for another walk and he held my hand and kissed me more. he kissed my cheek, forehead and a long cute kiss on the lips. he held me in his arms and just hugged me. we went for a drive and he kissed me again. and then he put his head on my chest. I also did the same and it was just so cute. we have another date this weekend. he texts me every chance he can.
I'm pretty sure he likes me but I tend to over think things and I don't want to do that again. He also asked me what my family is like and talks to me about his family. He mentioned how he would love to build a house one day and all that. He asked me to text him when I get home to make sure I'm safe. Plus he asked what I was going for and I told him a nurse. he told me oh perfect wife material sounds perfect to this guy.
Does he like me? or am I overthinking it? why did he tell me all of that stuff and ask me?


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  • Yes, he very much likes you and sees a possible future with you. In fact he likes you a lot. But try not to get too caught up with this so quickly and be in over your head. It is still far too early. Find out more things about him, take your time and see what it is that he is looking for in a girlfriend, what his intentions are in this relationship, etc. Other than that, I think that you two would make out to be a very good couple. Just remember to focus on your studies as Nursing school is very challenging and demanding. I know because I have two aunts who are retired Nurses. Many blessings.

    • your opinion is much appreciated! we are so much alike that I feel so comfortable being myself around him. I've always been the "I'm too nervous to be myself, because what if he won't like me type" but not anymore:)

    • @maddog19

      I'm glad that your maturing and growing in that area and branching out. But always be yourself no matter what anybody says. As I said, take your time and develop and it may become serious later on. Overall still be good friends, even if it doesn't work out for romance yet. You two sound like great people who deserve each other's company.

    • awe thank you so much!!

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  • Hmm are you an infp or intp? You are overthinking too much he is already showing you that he likes you and possibly want to make a futur with you so stop thinking too much you might not get goo things from it.

    • thanks what's infp? or intp?

    • Those are results from a personality test (as you said you were an over thinker) made by jung and briggs myers. You should try it (i'm an infp (the mediator) btw).

  • defo likes you

  • Not to give too short of a response, but simply put he really likes you. These are all very positive signs.


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