Woah! What should I do?

Ok so this Guy on tinder wants to have like a cuddle buddy and someone to make out with and I have never made out in my life and I also am like totally freaked out right now. He seems really nice and I have been chatting with him. We are going to hang out tomorrow. Should I ask him questions like can we be friends first and slowly go into the cuddling and stuff? I don't know. I mean my stomach has butterflies right now and I don't know what to do! Any suggestions?


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  • He's on tinder and he wants a "cuddle buddy and someone to makeout with."

    Hate to sound skeptical, but I am.

    Anyway, tell him you want to move at your own pace and you don't want to rush things.

    • get ready for some action...

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    • No problemo.

    • I told him we will meet another time because i talked to my friend who is older than me and already has a boyfriend and has been through this and she said that this guy was too forward

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  • Lol message me that's what you do


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  • He probably wants more than a cuddle buddy if you're asking me.