After 2 months of not communicating with this girl, is she playing hard to get, testing me or giving me another chance or moving on from me?

She would tell me I’m awesome
After I assisted her, she says I’m very helpful and says Thank you and has offered me coffee
I usually send her an email starting off with Hello and she responds with Hi but once I sent a an email starting off with Hey and she instant messaged me with a Hey also.
She saw me at a store and she jumped and screamed my name.
When I was assisting a friend, she offered to buy me candy. When I declined the offer, she came in looking upset.
When I pass by and say Hello, she smiles and says Hello back.
She send me an email every three days a week
When I arrive she says Hello and when I leave, she says Bye and one time she stood in the corner and said see you later

We sat next to her and looked into other eyes and had a 30 minute conversation and we talked about school, work, where I lived while I was assisted

The next day, she sent me a chat with the following:
Hi, Name, =)
Please me at call me at number.
Since I was busy, I chatted her and helped her.

5 days later, I texted her Hello and she said Hi “What do you need help with”?

The next day, she avoided me and put her hand over her head and looked down when I saw her in the hallway.

For 1 3/4 month, we didn’t communicate until I sent her an email and she responded within 1 minute with Thanks!

Eventually I saw her in person and she looked back and said Hi and looked down and blushed.

I sent an email again and she replied with Thanks.

I went to see her and I said Hello and she said Hello

Is she
1) Not interested/moving on
2) Playing hard to get
3) Testing me
4) Considering to give me another chance.


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  • You have asked this question way too many times. The girl is not interested. You have to accept it.


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  • 1 and 2, and indirectly 3.

    I say indirectly because she's seeing how desperate and therefore easily manipulated you are.

    • If she's not interested, why would she test me?
      Which number stands out the most?