Should I persist any further?

There is this girl I am interested in that I talked with her briefly in person in university. She's fun and I could definitely tell she was flirting with me through touches and compliments.

If I see her in dining hall or some other random place, I usually strike up a quick chat about how her day is and the such.

Over the past few weeks (3 weeks), I've been causally asking her out to like lunch or just hanging out at the gym, every couple of days (3-4) or even as long as a week's span (I don't like chatting over text; I prefer person-to-person). However, she is an EXTREMELY busy person since I see her photos on facebook and instagram pop up all the time. I've talked to her in person briefly about if we could know each other's schedules rather than spontaneously just asking out. She was okay with that.

I tried again last weekend, and she couldn't hang out this week due to tests, but she offered up if we could meet in another week. All I told her was if our schedules had open spots with no conflicts, we could hang out, which she agreed to.

Something the back of my mind is telling to go for it still, but I feel as if I'm dragging this on too long.


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  • I think she is just making excuses. It's been 3 weeks. She would have found time to hang out with you if she wanted to.


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  • Well if she was interested she would make time to hang out or give you a more detailed date, instead of saying "in another week".

    Maybe you shouldn't pursue her that much and try to meet more girls.

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