Does he like me? Or just being friendly?

- ask me about my weekend every Monday

- he keeps telling me how if we ever see eachother at the bar it would be tons of fun

- he does things for me (get me water)

- always happy

- asked me to stay in the area where he is (we moving )

- once i had on headphones and he was apparently talking to me but i didn't hear so he says "nice the silent treatment"

- he acts stupid

- he acts tough

- everytime I talk about his friend he goes "Forget Jake, he's nobody"

- i was talking to him then my phone rang and I answered it and when I hung up he started to ignore me

- always ask me to sit with his group of friends at lunch

-he once asked me personally what I'd do if he sat be me instead and I said I'll just move away and he laughed

- we argue not often cause he's dumb

- he is friendly with other girls too but he always come and tells me about what they talked about

Keep in mind we're very friendly towards eachother joke around. So I'm confused is he just being friendly?

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  • he wants to get in your pants...