Why won't guys date me?

I don't know why guys won't ask me out. I have a semi- curvy body but I am not fat. I am nice to everyone. I have had people tell me that I am pretty and smart before but none of them will date me. Is there something wrong with me that I am missing or is it the guys?


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  • not enough info to tell if you have something really crazy about you.

    but this is normal. plenty of people I know including myself (and I'm a junior in college) have not had a real boyfriend and there really isn't anything wrong with us.

    I've had soo many guys ask how a girl like me is still available.

    but I think my friends and I have decided that I may be more of the marrying type and not the date right now just to be casual kinda girl. You sound kinda like me by the description...so maybe this is the case with you.

    just be confident whoever and have a lot of patience and hope that maybe tmrw or maybe a few years down the road the right guy will come along.

    besides why just have a boyfriend to have one...its much better to wait for someone who REALLY means something special to you.

    Hope this is encouraging and insightful! There is probably nothing wrong with you!

  • Maybe you intimidate them a little guys can be like that! What guys dig the most is confidence if you got that you can have almost any guy...Trust me just keep waiting for the right person...he'll get there eventually! Never think its you or even them...its just that the right guy hasn't arrived yet ;)