How does the online dating scene progress?

After 3.5 years of being in a relationship, I'm now single again and back to the dating scene. I've been down this road before my last relationship and meet my ex through online dating, but I want to know how to successfully go through the process from meeting online to dating in real life. I don't want to rush things like I had with my ex (not my intention).
How long should I take getting to know the guy online, and when is it best to exchange numbers, and meet, then go through the stages of a first kiss, sex etc? I know that my mind will go crazy and overwhelmed with the rush of infatuation, so I can't rely on when I feel the time is right. Some helpful tips would be good to help me progress through the dating stage at a healthy pace.


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  • It's different for everyone. Some people feel comfortable and relaxed after a week of talking to the other person, while others need a month. It really depends.


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  • Just follow me for some tips n advice here first hon


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