Why is saving herself for the right man good?

  • Because she respects herself and wants to be special
  • Because she wants a long lasting relationship
  • A and B
  • It is not good. It shows she is boring
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  • Some women can't separate love and sex and can only have sex with a guy who they are emotionally attached to. They may view sex as something to be shared between two people who love each other , and want to spend the rest of their lives together.


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  • Why is saving herself for the right man good?
    E. It's good if she thinks it is

    Saving yourself doesn't show respect for yourself to me. To me it shows you base your self-respect on sex and think sex is an act done to a gal that takes away her value.

    Saving yourself doesn't show you want to be special to me as there are plenty of female virgins. In my opinion a person is not special based on their virginity. They're special based on what they've contributed to the world. Keeping your legs/mouth shut doesn't make you special to me.

    Having a long lasting relationship can happen with or without saving yourself. It's based on attraction, appeal, and compatibility. As a virgin a gal may stick around longer since she won't have any sexual experience to fall back on and it won't matter how shitty a guy is in bed he'll be the best for her. While a nonvirgin gal would bail because she'll have sexual experience to know this is 'unfair'.

    Saving yourself doesn't show someone is boring to me. In my opinion that's just shaming female sexuality to guilt/shame gal's into doing something they don't want otherwise they're 'boring', 'lame', or 'prudes'.

    • saving yourself means thinking your body deserves love not just fucking from random guys

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    • sex for love is fun too. Who said sex without love is fun?

    • Many people say that. People have different views on sex. Some people think sex without love can be fun just like sex with love can be fun.

  • It's not necessarily good or bad.

    Some save themselves for a special person or marriage, probably because they respect their bodies, want to stay "clean" lol, religious views, or just don't want to sleep with people she isn't sexually/romantically attracted to.

    Others that don't feel the need to "save" themselves probably do it because they have sexual desires that they want fulfilled, they find sex an important part of their relationships, they know that they control what they want to do with their body, or they feel comfortable in their body and choose to get laid, and if that's the case, then get it girl!

    And it's not only women that save themselves, men can too.