Can dates that are set up by friends ever work out?

Two of my long time work colleagues (both women) are aware that i have not been doing well on the dating scene lately and at 26 im just starting to get a bit lonely to be honest.

They have offered to set me up on a date with someone they know. She is a 27yr biologist. From what they have told me she seems to tick a lot of boxes and she looks pretty as well so im really tempted go give it a go. She has already agreed to try a date and its basically up to me to name my time and place.

Does it ever work when people go on set up dates?
Has anyone ever been successfully set up by friends before?
I've never done anything like this before so I have no idea what to expect.


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  • They can be like any other date - bound to succeed or fail. There's nothing special about them.


What Girls Said 1

  • There is always a possibility. I wouldn't choose to do it though.

    • Neither would I
      But i kinda just want the company. Like someone to cuddle up to on the couch at night or have dinner with after work if that makes sense

What Guys Said 1

  • Blind dates are fun. But so is flinging 2 week old jello at the wall lol.
    Ya I have known them to work out (short term). The benefit of them is the confidence boost, women smell confidence. I believe true confidence affects you pheromones somehow and that change happens through having sex.

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