Should I be worried?

So me and my boyfriend both use GPS,
But his says he's at a apartment by his work,
Multiple times but denies being there.
Id understand if it said it everyday than id believe it was some kind of screw up, but it's not like a everyday thing. So I'm starting to think he's not always at work.


What Guys Said 1

  • He's not at work if it says he's not at work. The man will lie not the GPS. He's a bad boyfriend 😁😁

    • Of course I watch my own as well to see how often it will be off, my dads house ALWAYS says im at a park not every once and awhile. Also it has said a couple times I was at a house I wasn't at but this is like often but not often enough for me to believe it's lying.. Lol like its the same damn apartment. Next to his job and it's not everyday it should be everyday if it's picking up a spot. Like my dads house it has never said I was there always claims im at the park a block away.

What Girls Said 1

  • Sometimes GPSs are off.. if it's a building RIGHT next to his work then maybe there's a meeting room on that side of the building or something and because it's so close it's picking it up. There's usually a radius surrounding because even the app recognizes that there's a margin of error. Does he work a normal 9-5 weekday job? If so you might be worrying a bit too much.