Help!! It's only been 8 months! How come I don't feel in love anymore?

I've been with this guy for 8 months now and in the beginning we would have so much fun. We would do all sorts of fun things together and be scandalous (cause i was so conservative before). But now I feel like he's more of a friend. I really enjoy the person that he is, he's very kind and I know he loves me a lot, enough to definitely marry me someday if I felt the same way. I would say that I loved him before but there's no passion backing that up anymore. I feel like this is terribly wrong. I feel like I should still be very in love at 8 months! We have a lot in common and he has a lot of qualities I would ask for in a boyfriend.
But now, I don't enjoy being sexually active with him, even when he tries to makeout with me I just feel like I don't want to and i need space. But it was never like this before, I enjoyed it. I feel no romance anymore.

I started nursing school in September and I feel like that's my only focus now. I don't care about anything else. Maybe its a low-grade depression? I just can't get myself to care anymore but I don't know why since essentially he has almost all of the qualities I want in a guy. I don't feel the deep passion I had with my ex, with my current boyfriend. Help! What do you think has gone wrong? Should I break up with him or give it more time? Should I try more in the relationship?


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  • You should feel it after 8 months, 8 years and 80 years. The passion never has to die.

    There is always a reason that it does though. Maybe school is more important right now, maybe you are depressed, maybe he is not treating you the way he needs to treat you. I know that you said he does, but there is a way to treat a good friend and a way to treat a lover.

    If school is more important, be kind and let him go. If you feel differently after school is over, look him back up, but please do not ask him to wait that is not fare.

    If he is more important than school and/or the thought of losing him is too painful, talk to a professional. A professional can help you find what happened to make the spark die and might be able to get it back.


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  • You sure you just aren't leaving the honeymoon phase?

    • Yeah I think even if I was leaving the honeymoon phase i would still have more romance or love than I do now. It's just non-comparable to the way I felt with my ex. And I don't understand that. I want to be in love again.

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    • Okay, thank you so much for your advice. :)

    • No problem. After being in a nearly 4 year relationship those emotions come up every now and again but they go away and realize you are just as head over heels in love as you were in the beginning