If you were in this situation would you tell your parents?

I've gone out with this guy for the past couple weekends and we've talked in the phone a few times. I really like him but it's still new so I haven't told my parents about him yet. I'm 22 and living at home for an unspecified period of time while i audition for performing jobs. I live with my dad, my mom is in town but they are divorced.
I have plans to go stay a night at this guy's place (not looking for opinions on whether I should by the way) and I need to decide whether I should tell my parents or not. The issue at hand: my dad will be out of town so there should be no reason to tell him except that my dog will be here alone and someone needs to let her out, feed her etc. I would say just ask my mom to take her that night (she has puppy sleepovers regularly) but she'll ask what I'm doing. Would you or would you not tell your parents? Keeping in mind you're an adult and wouldn't even think twice about going if you weren't living at home and that your parents are a little traditional and tend to overreact.

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  • Tell your parents when you are ready for him to meet them, not before. Its none of their business unless he might be part of the family some day.


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  • No, it's going to lead to questions you either can't or don't want to answer.
    My advice is make something up. If you get serious with the bloke, thats when you tell them.

  • so you wanna know if you its a good idea to tell you parents that you're gonna spend the next few days at a guys place having wild sex when he's not even your boyfriend or anything to beging with.

    • We're not sleeping together. We've talked in depth about my views on waiting until marriage and he's been very respectful of me or I wouldn't even consider it.

    • i can tell you right here and now that any guy who invites a girl to spend time at his place for more than an hour or two is looking for sex, if not vaginal then oral if not oral then just a HJ but thinking that he will just talk to you for few days is niave

  • Doesn't matter weather u do, or not. U r 22. They won't care. If u were 16, or 18. Then yeah. Tell them. But at ur age ur just too old to be babied.

    • I agree but I never dated much and I've always been the "no problems nothing to worry about" child so they do baby me when I show signs of being anything like an adult

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