How do I make this long distance work?

So I've been seeing this guy for about 2 months. He lives about an hour and a half to fourty mins away from me. I don't drive yet ( due to personal reasons) but I do use uber occasionally. Which can get quite expensive. He does drive, but I hate to make him come and get me all of the time. That isn't fair. We both get really busy during the week him with work, me with college. So really the only time we get to spend together is on weekends we aren't busy. I've never dated someone that lives almost 2 hours away. So this has been quite difficult for me. He's a really sweet, genuine guy. I just don't know how to make the whole driving to each other situation work. Do I just break it off? What do I do? Some advice would be great. Please don't be rude!


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  • An hour and a half is considered long distance now? 😂.

    • Um yeah I'd say... and hour and a half is a pretty long time to be driving... I asked for advice not to have you laugh.

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    • Okay now I know for sure why you were laughing at me... you have the right to... I don't know how you do it I would go crazy!

    • Haha. It's cool, I know. It's an extreme pain the ass for us both. Eh. she's worth it though. Haha.

      Good luck with your guy matey 😊

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  • If you're thinking about breaking it off due to the distance, do so. If you loved him that much, it wouldn't cross your mind.