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Guys does my friends with benefits like me more than he's letting on?

So I met my friends with benefits through a mutual friend. We were friends at first then started hanging out, everytime we are together we end up talking until early hours in the morning. We have an amazing connection which we have both said. He's mentioned that with his busy lifestyle he doesn't have time to commit to a relationship and it was a general conversation as I wasn't even sure he liked me as he never made a move. After many hanging out sessions we eventually slept together and it was really passionate. After sex he stayed the night and kept Kissing my forehead playing with my hair Kissing my cheek and hugging Me all night, he rang me the next day saying he wanted to see me again. Since then whenever I have initiated contact he replies to my texts a day even 2 days later and always has an excuse that he's busy. He then contacted me saying he wants to make time to see me and we arranged to meet that weekend. I didn't hear from him for a few days then on the day we were meant to meet he called saying his car had broken down but as soon as he's back he wants to see me still despite me saying we could rearrange. Then I never heard from him. I text him saying I respect that he's busy however it seems like you are making excuses not to see me since we slept together and that I no longer wanted to see him anymore as friends with benefits isn't really for me. He text back saying he was really looking forward to seeing me and he wasn't making excuses, if he didn't want to see me he wouldn't even of arranged it and that it annoyed him that I would think he's that type of guy because he respects me. I said I respect that he's busy but don't think this is for me. Since then he has been texting and calling daily asking how I am and saying he wants to see me. I'm confused does he like me more than he's admitting? He knows I want more than friends with benefits and that I'm willing not to see him anymore why does he keep pursuing if he doesn't want a relationship?
Guys does my friends with benefits like me more than he's letting on?
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