Friend zone him even if I love him?

There's this guy with whom I used to write. He was really that guy I wanted to date but with the time I have lost some interest in him. I still feel this bubbly feeling in my stomach when I think about him. Even though I think of him like this I am playing with the thoughts to put him in the friend zone. I am just annoyed by him. He can't write like a normal person. We had once in the beginning a more or less normal conversation and afterwards we wrote in 1 day intervals. I've sent him so many signals that I like him but he doesn't react.

Somehow, even if I keep thinking of his smile for so long, it feels wrong. And now that he texted me more frequently I suspect he'll ask me for a date since we'll meet soon again. I'm mad at him, for his stupidity to not get it and then come back after such a long time.

Girls, boys, should I friendzone him to avoid more drama?


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  • "Friend zone him even if I love him?" Read this and think to yourself, if you love him, why would you not want more? As a guy, I can speak for lots of us as well, we are oblivious. Even if we aren't oblivious a woman's "signals" can be SOOO hard for us to read. I thought a girl liked me, and. I asked her out 3 times. First time she said "maybe one day" second was "I'm busy" third was "Im talking to someone, and I'm busy". My rule is 3, if I ask three times and you don't make an effort to reconnect, I won't ask again (at least for a while or until I THINK they like me a lot).

    Why did I share that? Because I miss read the signals. Its very hard for us guys to tell what girls want because in our minds, a simple smile means so much more haha. My best advice I can give you, is this. IF you love him, take a chance. Ask HIM out, and see what he says. Its not hard, and its right to the point. Let me show you the outcomes

    Says Yes, you now have a date, a possible relationship to flourish and you did it.

    Says No, you can move forward, and you no longer had the feeling of "what if".

    Just friend zoning him doesn't fix an issue. I had a girl who did the EXACT same thing to me, because she didn't think I liked her. It hurt me... A LOT. Turns out she really did like me, she told me, and we dated until the end of high school. JUST ASK, or else you will always question the what if.


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  • Don't give up on him just yet. Girls are harder to read than you think and you might be sending mixed signal without knowing it.

    Be clear with him, not girl clear but guy clear.

    Don't be mad, there is a very good chance that if he reading your signals wrong that he is trying to be respectful of your feeling. He might be having a hard time with this too, but doesn't want to push you.

    There are three types of guys, A-hole, whimps and good men.

    A-holes are easy because they only care about what they want and will hit on you if you want them to or not.

    Whimps don't value themselves so are easy because they will put up with anything and humiliate themselves for any chance with you.

    Good men on the other hand, value themselves but also value you and what is best for you. If this is a good man and you have give him any indication that he would not be right for you, he will let you go. Even if he likes you.

    I know that A-hole and whimps are easier, but you will never find true love an happiness with them. That only comes with a good man. Don't give up yet.


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  • You're going to lose him to another girl and then you will most possibly regret your decision.

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