First date ideas?

Just Like it says. First date ideas that you enjoyed. GO!


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  • i really like suff that's not 'typical'

    dont do dinner and a movie

    try a picnic in the park..thats always cute or go on a hike or do something active

    findout what she enjoys doing and base your date off of that

    • She's absolutely right, you want the date to be as appropriate to the girl as it can be something that she would really enjoy, going to an animal shelter, visiting sea world or a botanical garden, picnic in the park, or even playing on a playground in a park. It really depends on the girl and you want to find something that she loves and you will both enjoy...

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  • I always like something out of the ordinary (: you don't have to spend a lot of money maybe just a lot of thought . get in touch with what the girl likes / enjoys doing & maybe focus on that ? it will show that you've been listening to her (:


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  • Go together to a landmark or historical site. This tells you what sort of person he/she really is!

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