Did I completely ruin my chances with my guy friend?

We kind of started hanging out and hooking up but everyone that saw us together said that they thought he really liked me. He would send me snapchats and text me but I always had to initiate our hangouts. After about a month or so I told him I really liked him and that we should talk about what we were doing. He said he wasn't ready for anything serious and that I deserve someone that gives me 100% and he couldn't do that right now and that it's not me it's him and that he didn't know what he was doing. So we are just friends. It's been about a month and a half since this convo and I miss him and we still see each other weekly. Some weeks he's flirty (touches my leg or shoulder, looks at me, sits close to me) other weeks he isn't. He doesn't really text me anymore in between but I haven't really tried either. Is it worth trying to talk to him or trying to flirt with him and see if we can try again or should I just move on?

Part of me wonders if he is a bit guarded and not over his ex. Cause he seemed hesitant at times but he also seemed like he really liked me


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  • Perhaps try not seeing him or being a bit cold. Try hanging out with someone else to make him jealous, maybe he'll realize he likes you.

    • Does that really work? It seems kind of like playing games

    • It worked on me haha. But yeah its not the best way.

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  • You should move on for your sake.


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  • Give him a little more time and see. If things are not improving, sadly you will have to move on...

    • He was never an initiator though so I feel like if I don't say anything or do something, then nothing will happen. That's why I wasn't sure if I should say something.

    • Try one more time, is that doesn't go well it's time to move on then...

  • guy "friend". what you are you, 5?

    • Our families have known each other forever. So yes that is how I would refer to him. Are you saying their is no such thing as guy friends?

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    • my gut says to say something to him. I just don't get why if he is still interested he doesn't say anything or at least text like we used to

    • im just saying, go with your gut

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