She told me that she "likes being single right now"?

Ok, so I met this incredible girl in one of my classes and I really like her. We've talked some and she seems to like me but I'm not a good judge in these matters. Early on I had asked her if she had a boyfriend and she said "yeah, sorry," but I wasn't about to stop there. Well, one day she had lost her voice so she was being very quiet all through class, but when we walked out she started a conversation with me even though she was having a hard time speaking. It really struck me that she decided to duck into a side area of the hallway with me and talk even though she had lost her voice, I thought later that maybe she likes me after all. So, we've kind of been having these conversations before and after class for the past couple of weeks and I really like talking with her, we have a lot in common. Come to today, and we're walking out and heading downstairs; we're talking again and I realized that her friend is following behind us and that she is kind of ignoring the friend to talk with me. We started to talk about sources we'd need for a paper, she said that she was having a hard time finding any so I suggested that we go to the library and I could show her how to check the databases, she and her friend said bye and we headed off. After I showed her what to do and helped her find a source, I realized that I needed to get to my next class. I handed her my phone and she put her number in, we talked for a minute more and I asked again if she was single and this time she smiled and said yes but that she was happy being single right now. I just smiled back at her and said that I get it, then I said that I really like her and that I think she's pretty, she smiled again and said thanks, I said I'd see her soon and I went to class.
Where should I go from here? Did I do anything wrong? When should I text her?
Thanks for reading everyone, any advice is appreciated because I have never had any kind of relationship before and I think I'm really getting feelings for this girl.


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  • You shouldn't do anything. She is obviously not interested.


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  • Yeah, you've been doing a lot of things wrong. You're in the friendzone, she doesn't like you in that way. She knows you like her, she'd get with you if she liked you back, she clearly doesn't. You've lowered your value by asking her "needy questions like 'do you have a boyfriend", forget about that, it's not your concern. If she has a boyfriend and feels the need to let you know that, she'll tell you. Secondly, after that, you're still asking her.. Which at this time she says she is, which she most likely was all along but tells you she's "happy being single"... Ahem, nope, she's happy being single if it means not being with you, sorry, that's the truth. What you should do next is lay off, stop smothering her with attention and let her come to you if she wants to.