I feel like my boyfriend lost interest... what do I do?

We have been dating for 5 months and everything was good until recently... i dont remember exactly when, but he is constantly on his phone and he is constantly not wanting to go out, we hardly have time alone. Friends ask for double dates on my side he says no or doesn't even make an effort, after we are "together" he leaves to go home no cuddling or anything. All he is ever doing is looking at cars and working , thats it. I feel stupid if its nothing but that the same time we have talked about this and still nothing has changed and its been a month


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  • Maybe something happened that made him sad or angry or even worse. Ask him if he is okay and maybe ask him if he still cares about you ( in a calm way).
    There is nothing more i can say honestly..
    Talking can do a big thing in relation and i know you tried before but try it again in a new way!
    Wish you best of luck!


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  • He has started losing his interest in you. You said that you have already talked about this. What did he tell you when you mentioned your concerns?


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  • Well, you are right. He is losing interest, it's clear from what you have written. It's a difficult situation for you. I think you should meet up with him and ask him upfront as to whether he is interested in you anymore or not.

    • We have said we loved each other many times so i dont understand

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    • 6. It's possible that maybe you did something that has caused him to lose interest, like your behavior is constantly pushing him away. It's possible that some aspect of your nature is very unattractive to him and I don't know it can be anything, your pestering nature, clingy nature or that fact that you are very emotional, or you are a drama queen. It can be anything and this is causing him to lose interest in you.

      7. It's possible that you did something to hurt him or you do things that he doesn't appreciate which hurts him but you never actually admit it, you never apologize for that and this thing actually is making him lose interest in you. It's possible.

      8. It's possible that you are too needy as a person and so he is losing interest in you.


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      9. It's possible that you have many male contacts, friends and so he actually gets insecure and because of this he is losing interest in you and that is possible because he doesn't want to handle a woman who has lots of male friends because he doesn't like to deal with all this, he doesn't want to always get insecure thinking about you having many guy friends in your life.

      10. It's possible that either your expectations are different for a relationship compared to him or it's possible that you are trying to go too fast without caring about his pace and comfort level which is why he is losing interest.

      Again, as I said these are just the possible reasons, or assumptions as you may put it. It's up to you to see how many of this can possibly be true. However the best person to actually tell you the truth is your boyfriend.

      I hope my replies would have given you some idea to begin with.

  • Well if you want a relationship where he actually acts like in a relationship then obviously this isn't working. If you already talked about it but it got nowhere, then there isn't much you can do.


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