Is it a date if 2 acquaintances/possibly friends go to a crazy golfing bar together? They've never hung out just on 2 of Them together before?

They met each other around 6 months ago. She sort of flirts with him but she's quite flirty in general. She's asked him whether he wants to do things before but he's said no unless with a friend. But this time they're going. They've only ever hung out in a group or seen each other at events of the society they met in.

  • Yes it's a date
  • No it's not a date
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  • Nope, I wouldn't call that a date

    • What would you call a date? Would it be a date if they went for drinks or a coffee after?

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    • No, unless you guys talk and have a real interest in one another then no. If you don't then it's like going to McDonald's and asking what burger they want, lol. No love interest there.

    • Great so you can still go for coffee or drinks just as friends.

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