Am I a wuss do you think?

The guys in my cricket team dont wear groin guards and they give me shit alll the time for wearing one and im over it... what is the big deal? To be honest yes, the thought of a cricket ball hitting me in the nuts scares me... how are they not worried?


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  • You're not a wuss. They are the ones who will be screaming if they end up getting hit there, not you.


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  • Well if they get hit in the nuts , they are going to be on the ground in absolute agony. You're gonna walk it off "Didn't even feel it."

    It's the same in the motorcycle community. You get dude-bros wearing tank-top and shorts and flip-flops flying down the highway at 130.
    If they fall , they will lose 1mm depth of flesh for every kmh above 50.
    So at 130 they'll be losing 8cm of flesh. Show me where you can lose 8cm of flesh lol

    Anyway going off on tangent here.
    The bottomline is , which do you like more. A few pat on your back or keeping your balls.


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  • I played baseball at school. One throwing the ball, me being with the bat, ready to swing. He tossed the ball, and I hit the ball, it went straight to his left knee. Second try... the right knee XD
    He was like hesitant to toss another one after that cause I was just so bad at it hahaa
    But Imagine that hitting the groin area... he'd be on the ground. I think this risk is also there during cricket, but I don't know anything about that sport

  • I've had a hockey ball clipped up once. I was the goalie so they were lining up for a big hit. Yeah that hurt.
    When you see your nuts completely purple and blue, you tell me if it's worth the chance of not using one.